Of equal measure My soul communes with hers as it does yours Don’t ask how it happened for I cannot explain But you’re mine and I’m hers as she’s mine Neither can be severed Forever asunder Pause. Think. This should be – Just let it be Two hearts together plas one … …then perhaps one… Read More SNARED

The Bitter One

Darkness succumbs to your darkness Such royal doom All the sun’s shine shines you not So much gloom Your face, a hollow sight Sad fellow Doom befalls your every contact Death to the unsuspecting How you lavish in it The  sight of smiles morphed into perpetual emptiness Your forte – evil Your aura probably tastes… Read More The Bitter One

Popular Loner

He goes, he comes. Everybody sees him. He talks, with no speech. They hear, with absent attention. They share a laugh. It seems like a laugh. Even trade a few words. And when night comes, He is his own audience. They know him, But they really don’t know him.


Take a chance Do something dumb Make mistakes, a lot of them Learn something new Work hardest Then get lazy Forgive freely Love again. Even harder Get revenge, serve it cold Help the next person Then pamper yourself Take life not so seriously You’ll never make it out alive either ways  

Absence In Presence

The Nothingness… … of WORDS, then Gestures… …potent, yet void. Offering false reassurance, Luring one in the middle of everything, surrounded by Nothing. A facade of security. Many throng you, Amid Tasteless laughter,  Vague smiles, Hollow hugs, There’s Absence in their Presence – a hollow sham. You’re on your own. They appear to be here,… Read More Absence In Presence


On one side: Uncertainty of what could be. Or not. Fear of perception in motion. Offering purity. Sincerity. On the other: First, Apathy. Then giving way, however narrow, To a scintilla of some sort of emotion. The type of ambiguous texture. Two hearts meant to orbit at a distance, Not in collision. But as Providence’s… Read More DEFIANCE