Down on my knees and coiled up like a shrimp, I bowed before his presence. My hands clasped together in between my thighs. Warm tears trickled down my cheeks, in volumes against my will. As though someone unlatched the seal to a dam within me. I bare my soul and prayed. I made my point.… Read More unPrayer

The Bitter One

Darkness succumbs to your darkness Such royal doom All the sun’s shine shines you not So much gloom Your face, a hollow sight Sad fellow Doom befalls your every contact Death to the unsuspecting How you lavish in it The  sight of smiles morphed into perpetual emptiness Your forte – evil Your aura probably tastes… Read More The Bitter One

Popular Loner

He goes, he comes. Everybody sees him. He talks, with no speech. They hear, with absent attention. They share a laugh. It seems like a laugh. Even trade a few words. And when night comes, He is his own audience. They know him, But they really don’t know him.