GH Police Needs Law Enforcement and more…

A largely sluggish and undisciplined people with next to zero combatant skills, entrusted with civilian safety yet very much requiring protection themselves – Ghana Police Service. The entire police service needs to be shut down, purged, restructured and revamped. I, as many other Ghanaians, can count on only one hand the number of times, seeing a physically-fit police service personnel. They are usually out of shape and helpless, but for their guns. I am ignorant of the kind of training given to these persons before being uniformed. But from my observation, one too many are simply incapable. Physically and in terms of skill.

I have seen several armed police personnel trying to find their way around a gun, and out of their patrol cars, they are extremely slow and incapable of marathons. That aside, many have zero knowledge of the very laws they are to keep and tend to prey on the equally ignorant civilian, or bullied by a seemingly knowing civilian. Poor communication is also a problem. Vernacular is the first resort of many. Consequently, our uniformed fellows kowtow to anyone having a quite a command over The Queen’s language. And to the white man, they lie prostrate.

Just anyone, including the one who isn’t anyone knows there’s always a cheap way to escape the grasp of the law.

Very few police personnel radiate that intimidating aura befitting of a law enforcement agent. A police officer should not be one with measured salutes and smiles that are determined by the size of our cars, looking forward to a few cedis, even one; but a lot of ours are.

Because of this relationship, the average Ghanaian seldom shudders at the sight of a police officer. Even when they falter, more often the not, the first instinct is to reach into pockets, wallets, purses and vehicle compartments to find “something for the boys,” and Voila! Case closed.

The system doesn’t work. Even the police officer is aware and uses that as a bargaining chip. Often telling perpetrators of the comfort in settling them (the police officers) than being sent to the police station. By day and by night, every day, this is the tune on replay, and many of us either sing along or dance to it. In either case, it’s a response – we condone it. It’s way easier.

A nation that loves the easy way out. From the helm of affairs to the least man, the easy way out is the go-to. Forgetting that cheap things, cost; and the state of the nation is a testament to this fact. As a result, stifling the efforts of the handful of well-meaning good Ghanaians who do the right


Service with integrity – that’s the motto of the Ghana Police Service. As a unit, some form of service is indeed being offered to the nation. But with integrity…? (scratches head)

Shout outs to the very few officers upholding the shreds of the agency’s dignity and to those on the other side, good riddance!!!

[Thinking]… Maybe the military should take over.


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