Down on my knees and coiled up like a shrimp, I bowed before his presence. My hands clasped together in between my thighs. Warm tears trickled down my cheeks, in volumes against my will. As though someone unlatched the seal to a dam within me. I bare my soul and prayed. I made my point. Argued it out with The Highest. Like He needed my explanation to gain understanding. But I wanted him to come stand next to me and see what I was seeing (what I thought I was seeing). I very much desired what I was asking, or so I thought.

I tried explaining, negotiating then blackmail. Holding him to words He had spoken to me in times past. It had been a long time coming and I felt the time was nigh. Forgetting to consider the rightness of the time.

My utter impatience was on full display. Then He heard. And answered. To say I was happy is least of an understatement. The Lord had heard my prayer and “moved”.

Fast forward to now, I want to unPray that Prayer. I desire those Prayers uanswered. I wasn’t ready.



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