THE TRIAL: Ghana’s Educational System

The make-up of Ghana’s educational curricula does not try to produce adults who are functional, self-sufficient, who understand their politics, their economics and their relationship with the global village.  We are not taught in our schools that the world is business, without which you are Nothing and have Nothing. We are not taught how to organize business and establish institutions in our communities – how to solve problems around us.

The system seems to delight in who can accurately ‘chew and pour’ the best. And after the pouring, comes forgetfulness. The evidence of this system is a people who ‘talk‘ but can hardly ever ‘do’. Undue emphasis is placed on academic victories which most often do not translate into tangible employable skills.

Very little time is taken to teach us  our history and make us aware of our identity. We are not taught extensively who we are as a people. To take pride in our self-worth. The entire system seems an Indoctrination of some sort instead of an Education. Conditioning us to devalue everything local and uphold the foreign. Teaching us to identify problems, but never finding solutions.

The system claims its desire to produce an Individualistic populace, yet abilities and capabilities are stifled by Standardization. Where one’s academic pursuits towards a career is truncated or stalled because of failure in a subject totally irrelevant to the larger picture. In the name of ‘standards’. Standards that frustrate dreams.

So, the sincerity of the entire educational system needs to be Questioned, Indicted and Convicted. A good educational system should identify the strengths and capabilities of each individual and extensively nurture it. This would produce not just a self-sufficient people but a globally employable populace.

Click the link below to view a suggestive educational curricula for Ghana towards producing a globally employable and versatile populace;

Suggestive Ghanaian Educational Curricula


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