Of equal measure My soul communes with hers as it does yours Don’t ask how it happened for I cannot explain But you’re mine and I’m hers as she’s mine Neither can be severed Forever asunder Pause. Think. This should be – Just let it be Two hearts together plas one … …then perhaps one… Read More SNARED


Down on my knees and coiled up like a shrimp, I bowed before his presence. My hands clasped together in between my thighs. Warm tears trickled down my cheeks, in volumes against my will. As though someone unlatched the seal to a dam within me. I bare my soul and prayed. I made my point.… Read More unPrayer

The Bitter One

Darkness succumbs to your darkness Such royal doom All the sun’s shine shines you not So much gloom Your face, a hollow sight Sad fellow Doom befalls your every contact Death to the unsuspecting How you lavish in it The  sight of smiles morphed into perpetual emptiness Your forte – evil Your aura probably tastes… Read More The Bitter One